Review: Cbeebies Kazoops music release (Just imagine - Volume 1)

If you have kids from toddler age upwards, then you will probably have watched the popular Cbeebies series Kazoops - a show that follows 6 year old Monty and his pet pig Jimmy Jones on epic imaginary adventures together.

Review: Schleich horse club pick up with horse box

When I was contacted about reviewing this Schleich horse club set, I just new I had to get it.

Not only because LL loves horses, but because I new already that it would be a great quality product - which makes my reviewing super easy to do!

Schleich is renowned for its high standards and hand finished figures. 

It's company philosophy is simple - "Only the best is good enough for our child's development" - and they aim to promote their development through creativity and imaginative play, helping them to learn the lasting values which will prepare them for a joyful and positive life.

Pretty bold statement right? But something which I believe they achieve and is at the forefront of every product they make.

Review: Stretch Scooby-Doo

Scooby Dooby doo, where are you?

Review: U-Hugs Dolls Season 2

Now I must admit, although these U Hug dolls are already in season 2, I have never actually heard of them before.

But when I saw the pictures of them in my inbox, I new they were just the quirky sort of thing that LL loves.
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