Recipe: Parmesan & panko crusted pork schnitzel

I am a massive fan of German food. Anything from bratwurst to frikadellen to schnitzels.

My parents lived in Germany for many years (before I was born) whilst my Dad was in the RAF and they loved their time there and constantly told us as children how delicious the food was.

So when I discovered Aldi as an adult I was so excited to be able to try all of the foods I had grown up hearing about.

My parents were right, it was all delicious.

I have since been to Austria a few times purely for the food and get incredibly excited for our annual family trip to the Frankfurt Christmas market in Birmingham for the food stalls.

After tasting the 'real deal', Aldi's schnitzels just don't cut the mustard quite the same any more. I find the meat a little grey looking and off putting and it can be a bit chewy.

So I set about making my own version that was fresh, healthy and tender. Something I would be much happier to feed to the children.

This recipe is a bit of a german/italian fusion with the addition of the parmesan which I love and the use of panko breadcrumbs ensures these schnitzels are super crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside!


Being parents is hard.

Being a couple AND a parent is even harder.

It is so easy to forget each other whilst your whole life is taken up with babies & children.

And when the day is over & the children are FINALLY asleep & it is just the two of you, you are both too exhausted to do anything other than veg on the sofa watching TV.

And, even when you do have the energy to string a sentence together, the only conversations you can think of are about the children. After all, that is your day.

That is why 'Date nights' are becoming more and more popular amongst parents desperately trying to maintain themselves as a couple.

We have tried 'Date night' but it has always fizzled out. We've always had the excuse that we're tired and not bothered. Or we've run out of ideas of where to go or what to do. A meal out gets a little boring after a while. Month in month out.

Thats why #Alphabetdating is great!

Mothers Day Recipe: Pansy shortbread biscuits

Look at these pretty little biscuits!

THE perfect home baked gift for your Mum this Mothers day?

What a great alternative to the bog standard bunch of flowers.

Not only is it a really frugal gift idea, your mum will love how much time & effort she thinks you've put into making them especially for her & be seriously impressed.

In reality, they take very little time & effort to make. But Shhhh! that'll be our little secret.

Package them up in a cellophane bag or pretty tissue lined box with a personalised tag and Voila! 

(To make this extra easy, look out for my free box template printable and gift tag coming up tomorrow)

Or maybe you could go the whole hog and include them into a cute little vintage afternoon tea affair for her?

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