Half term: PYO pumpkins

On Sunday we started a new family tradition. 

I know a lot of people do it every year but all 5 of us have never been before. 

On Sunday we went pumpkin picking! 

Halloween recipe: Scary hairy mini monster cupcakes

Its half term here, so all baking this week has been taken over by the kiddies. 

And as Halloween is only a few days away, of course BB wanted to make scary cakes.

We decided on these scary hairy monsters.

4 year old BB did EVERYTHING himself. 

For the first time ever I let him crack the eggs completely alone.

Normally my hands are in there somewhere trying to save any bits of shell from going in the mixture.

He was adamant he was a big boy now and could do it himself.

Ok, go ahead then.

And to my surprise, he did all 3 perfectly!

Not one bit of egg slopped on the floor.

Not one bit of shell in the mixture.

Lesson learnt on my part.

Listen to the children and trust them more.

They can of course only learn by doing.

He perfectly weighed out each ingredient alone too. 

So proud of himself.

Of his cupcakes.

And I'm proud too.

Half term: Blackpool illuminations

So, it's October half term here. 

How'd that come around so quick?

Feels like only yesterday I was packing them off looking pristine in their new uniforms for their first day of reception and year 1.

Fast forward 7 weeks and here we are. 

Ready for the break from school runs already. 

School shoes already looking scuffed and old.

One P.E. top, a cardigan, a purse and a few toys from home down. 

Ready to have some half term fun?

A break from the usual baking. 

Messy, chaotic, childrens baking to be done in its place. 

To start our week we went to Blackpool illuminations on Saturday. 

I think everyone had the same idea. 

The whole world was travelling north that day. 

A normally 2 hour journey took us 4. 

But we made it. 

And despite it being bitter cold we all enjoyed it lots.

Recipe: Slow cooked pulled chilli chicken

This pulled chicken recipe makes a nice change from the usual pulled pork, with a Mexican twist!

Using chicken thigh is not only much tastier but also makes this dish super cheap.

However just like the pork, the chicken thighs do need a while to cook down (this is where the slow cooker works its magic!), but in doing so, the meat really does just fall off the bone. 

This recipe serves 6-8 people but does freeze well if there are less of you.

I served mine with lettuce, tomato and pepper in a soft taco but it would also be lovely on a jacket potato on a cold winters night, with wedges or on a salad in the summer.

Recipe: Gingerbread cupcakes topped with cinnamon & toffee frosting

My children are currently LOVING gingerbread. My 4 year old made some gingerbread men (recipe here) to take to school and they are addicted to the new McVities mini gingerbread (seen here on the cakes) so I thought, as my main love is cupcakes I'd combine the two.

Baking with children: Gingerbread men recipe

 My two children LOVE baking. Always have. 

They've been in the kitchen helping mix, dollop and roll ever since they were teeny toddlers.

Now they are that bit older (5 and 4) they are loving starting to weigh the ingredients themselves (great for Maths!), crack the eggs and reading recipes all by themselves. 

So not only do we create a yummy treat to eat, we also learn lots in the process too.

.....And create quite a bit of mess!! 

I made these little gingerbread men with my 4 year old. They were his request and he was so proud of them afterwards he asked to take them into school to hand out to his class. 

The class all thought they were yummy too!

Recipe: Homemade custard cream biscuits

Custard creams are my most favourite dunking biscuit ever, so I thought I'd try to make my own.

These have the same distinctive custard cream taste as shop bought ones, only nicer!!!

Childrens craft: Homemade Autumn wrapping paper

Here's a fun little craft that kids love making and has a practical use!

This homemade wrapping paper is perfect for christmas presents to add the personal touch. 

Recipe: Strawberry & clotted cream cupcakes


These vanilla cupcakes ooze old fashioned home made runny jam when cut into, and the clotted cream frosting on top gives it a real Cornish afternoon tea taste to die for.

A real taste of British summertime.

Ok, ok, I know it is October but I'm clinging onto every last ounce of summer that I can.

The sun is shining after all. Let's forget about the falling brown leaves and coldness!

If I close my eyes and take a bite, I am sitting am in a quaint little seaside cafe with a lovely cup of tea, the hot sun's rays shining through the windows.

Monthly recipe round-up: SEPTEMBER

I have just celebrated one month of blogging - Wooo! 

And it seems, a lot of what I love to blog is food. 

The recipes have been really popular but there are so many on a daily/ weekly basis that I thought a monthly round-up might be helpful so you don't miss any.

If you do want to search a specific recipe - you can always pop to the recipe page too.

Please feel free to comment with links to your favourite recipes this month - whether your own or somebody else's and I will include them in next months round-up! I'll keep my eye out for any I like to include too.

Recipe: Lamb doner burger with sweet potato chips

Ok, so you may all have heard of, seen or had the homemade lamb doner kebab, more commonly referred to as 'fakeaway'?

I was making burgers this week and thinking of how to spice them up a bit and thought, why not use the same mix of  spices used in the 'fakeaway' recipe?

Well, the experiment worked! They were yummy and had a the taste of a lamb doner kebab but much more meaty and juicy.

This recipe makes enough for 6 burgers.

Recipe: Chocolate orange bonfire cupcakes

I know, I'm a little early for bonfire night, but it is only a month away now so I thought I'd give you the heads up on these little beauties.

These are chocolate cakes, with an orange drizzle topped with a white chocolate & orange zest buttercream and orange matchsticks (And crystalised orange peel 'sparks')

The kids loved making these with me as a practise for our fireworks party in the garden. 

Very easy & very effective.
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