Family menu planning

Menu planning, to me, is essential. 

I like to write my menu & write a shopping list from that of foods we need. 

It helps with budgetting, makes food shopping much quicker, easier & less stressful and you are at much less risk of grabbing an unhealthy take-away several times a week because you haven't got anything in for tea.

I think it is especially essential when you have kids to cater for.

They love knowing what to expect for tea each day.

Organisation & preparation is key.

I do however find myself sitting with P every single Friday evening, attempting to write a menu & coming stuck for ideas. We always seems to think of meals we've already had that week. 

I like to mix it up a bit! 

I never like a 'slop' meal (spaghetti bolognese, casserole, curry etc) two days in a row or two 'chip' based meals.

Therefore I've now decided to work on a 4 week menu basis.

I've devised this plan below which sticks to a certain meal type each day, but I can choose from the 4 varieties each week. 

It works for us.

If you also struggle week in week out with organising meals, give it a go!

*Recipes to follow for some of the meals included below.

The recipe for the sausage casserole mentioned above is available HERE.

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  1. i could do with planning it would make it much easier when im working

  2. I like your idea of themes - makes it easier to think of meals. We always do fishfriday, but I might include some other themed days, hmm.

    Good plan!


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